I am Victor Felder and vhf are the initials I usually use on the Internet.

I'm a university trained computer scientist. As a software engineer, I worked in Big Data for a while before deciding to go back to designing, implementing and scaling web backends.

I spend a lot of time contributing to the open-source ecosystem by authoring open-source tools and software, creating open-source projects, writing technical articles, filing issues and fixing bugs in interesting projects.

You can get in touch by writing to contact@ this domain (draft.li) or tweeting @_vhf (opens new window). You can also stalk me on github: https://github.com/vhf (opens new window)

concise notes

→ my blog, I mostly write about technical things

→ as most bloggers do, I regret not writing more often

free programming books

→ a collection of free programming books featuring over 180 languages / topics / technologies in over 20 spoken languages

→ for a few year the most popular github repository with over 100.000 stars

→ I handed over this project to the Free Ebook Foundation


→ I have been practicing photography for years using different techniques, 35mm, medium format, digital

→ here is a series from a 2017 exhibition

discontinued projects

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